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Together we have coached functional fitness for 30+ years. We've 'coached coaches' for 20+ years. As we look around, we see lots of great programs; intelligently designed with great teams behind them.


But there is something missing.


They aren't actually for YOU. This program (at best) is for an 'idealized' version of you. One whose life revolves around training, has consistent & manageable stress, nutrition, and recovery. Is that you? 

The good news is there is a way it CAN be for you.


We have come together to teach you a simple system that allows you to customize your own workouts allowing you to stick with any program. We've worked hard to dump our brain into hours of video courses & hundreds of pdf pages and images.

Exercise is hard enough; we created Sojourn to lightened the burden (just a bit).




Chris has owned Park City Fit for nearly 15 years and an online programming platform, Speal Programming, for 7 years. He competed in 7 CrossFit Games as an individual, 1 as a master's athlete, and was a member of the CrossFit Seminar Staff. He is passionate about using his fitness outside the walls of the gym and helping others experience adventure outdoors. You can find him dirt biking, downhill mountain biking, and skiing in Park City, Utah


Spencer has owned BPR for over 14 years, competed and sent a team to the Crossfit Games, coached a number of different athletes, worked for over a decade on CrossFit Seminar Staff, and was a member of the National US Bobsled team. With a master's degree in neuroscience and applied cognition, he is focused on how long-term fitness is interrelated to psychological well-being and therefore health.

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